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This site focuses on understanding systems, access to quality healthcare, and increasing the involvement of youth. It also includes provider preparation plus tools and resources needed to make more informed choices!

This workbook provides the expertise about disclosing a disability, and you provide the expertise about yourself. This workbook does not tell you what to do. Rather, it helps you make informed decisions about disclosing your disability, decisions that will affect your educational, employment, and social lives. In fact, making the personal decision to disclose your disability can lead to greater confidence in yourself and your choices. Disclosure is a very personal decision, a decision that takes thought and practice. Both young people with visible disabilities and those with hidden (not readily apparent to others) disabilities can benefit from using this workbook.
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The purpose of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act is "to ensure that all children with disabilities have available to them a free appropriate education that emphasizes special education and related services designed to meet their unique needs and prepare them for further education, employment and independent living." Section 1400(d) The phrase "further education" and the emphasis on effective transition services is new in IDEA 2004. Section 1400(c)(14) describes the need to provide "effective transition services to promote successful post-school employment and/or education.

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This website, which is continually updated, provides youth, young adults, parents, and professionals with secondary transition resources to facilitate a young person’s progress towards post-secondary goals related to education, employment, and community living. Scroll through the homepage to find topics that are of interest to you.

Transition Consults, LLC works with individuals, parents, schools and their communities to navigate educational and adult service systems, and to provide resources to embrace differences. Services are primarily focused on the needs of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, traumatic brain injury and/or learning disabilities.

Shared Abilities is a community for sharing information about special needs and celebrating all we ARE able accomplish.  This link is for the article, "Adult with Disabilities Shares What Kids with Disabilities Need to Learn."


M. Leahy will aid individuals and their families to build a Disability Life Plan and revisit it as appropriate. We take into account social, religious and financial needs to forge a holistic pro-action approach to life.​

Providing online information, support, and professional development on topics related to the transition from school to adult life for youths with disabilities.