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Are you worrying about your anxious child? You are not alone.  Anxiety is the number one mental health problem facing children and adolescents today, but it is also the most treatable. If you are the parent of one of the millions of children who suffer from excessive fears and anxieties, we're here to help.  Our mission is to improve the quality of life for anxious children and their families by providing parents, educators and mental health professionals with comprehensive, user-friendly information on the full range of anxiety disorders: how to identify symptoms, find effective treatments and, and prevent anxiety from taking hold in a child's life. Without intervention, children tend to grow into their fears, not grow out of them. But once children have learned how to challenge worry's authority and outsmart the tricks the brain can play, they are no longer at the whim of their fearful imaginations. Today, kids with anxiety can expect to learn the skills they need to lead a full and happy life. You can help them get there.