Bridging the Behavioral Gap between Home and School

Presented by:

Anne Horrocks, M.S. Board Certified Behavior Analyst
Hilary Kingery, M.Ed., Board Certified Behavior Analyst
Ali Wilbur, MA, Behavior Specialist Consultant

Wednesday, January 25, 2017
7:00-9:00 pm

Maple Glen Elementary School Library
1581 Fort Washington Ave
Maple Glen, PA 19002

Children with behavioral challenges can be a mystery to many parents and educators. What makes them tick? What will motivate them? Why is punishing them not working? How can we as parents work with the school towards the same goal? If you have a child with behavioral needs, you may not know where to turn. Join us for our presentation on behavior.  Each of our speakers has experience as an educator, a parent and a specialist on behavior. We will talk about the fundamentals of behavior, what may cause behavior to begin and to continue, common strategies for effective collaboration between parents, school personnel and students and also resources available to parents of children who may fall through the cracks. 

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