The Autism Committee, chaired by Michelle Salerno-Sigman, provides support to families in the Upper Dublin community. 

  • Michelle created and leads ASD Connect, parent share & support group. 
  • Through Michelle's initiative and leadership, SPEAC offers a sensory break room during Upper Dublin SD and community events. 
  • Michelle's committee produced sensory backpacks for each of the UDSD school buildings.

supporting special education in the Upper dublin school district since 2005

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The ASD Share & Support Group is a forum in our community for parents and caregivers of children with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) to share information, make connections, and get support. Meetings will be an open discussion format. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to ask questions, seek support on struggles they are experiencing or anticipating, and share strategies that have worked for them. If you are a parent or caregivers of a child in public private, or home school please join us.

A sensory break room is a place with minimal distractions where kids can go when experiencing overstimulation from such things as loud music and large crowds that can cause anxiety, discomfort, or stress. The sensory break room provides a quiet place to relax so that they may rejoin the activity when ready. We want to see all children have an opportunity to attend school and community events. Michelle Salerno-Sigman, chairperson of SPEAC's Autism Committee, started our pop up sensory rooms a few years ago.  She works with event leaders to secure a designated room and coordinates with volunteers to staff the room. We typically have floor mats available for stretching and sensory toys to help with self regulation, noise cancelling headphones and ear plugs to help reduce loud noise, and sunglasses for bright lights or sun. ​

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A Sensory Backpack is a portable kit containing a variety of sensory items that can be used to calm or stimulate a child's sensory system. The Autism Committee created sensory backpacks for all UDSD school buildings as an easy way too make these tools accessible to students to help them participate in school events.  Special thanks to the UDSD Cardinal Cafe and Applebee's for supporting our fundraising efforts.

Michelle Salerno-Sigman - Committee Chair