supporting special education in the Upper dublin school district since 2005

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Since our founding we have fostered a strong collaborative relationship with the school district. We feel we can best accomplish our goals through collaborative effort rather than an adversarial approach.

Since our founding, more than 14 years ago, we have accomplished many things within the school district to advance our goals. We continuously strive to move forward so all children with special needs receive a quality education. Moving forward we would like to see significant change in the following areas:


The Special Education Advisory Council to the Upper Dublin School District is a non-profit parent organization.  We support learning for all students and seek to ensure the needs of special education students are continuously identified and effectively addressed so that these students are given the opportunity to participate fully in the general education classroom. We provide education, information, support and resources to parents, teachers, school administration, and the community to increase awareness of the needs of these students.

Open House Meet & Greet  - September 24, 2018

UDHS Media Center

​Chris Bradley @ UDSD Back to School Night September 29, 2016


Chris Bradley & Peter O'Halloran present a history of disability rights at SPEAC's Open House on September 28, 2016

SPEAC is a non-profit organization. We are not funded by the school district.  Our primary source of funding is through our own fundraising efforts. We receive small annual contributions from the PTO's and PTA's of the school district to help offset some of our program costs. Donations are greatly appreciated.