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A forum in our community for parents to make connections and get support.  Share your successes, ideas, and concerns with other parents.

​​Tuesday, 4/4 - Upper Dublin High School
"Recognizing the Signs of Depression and/or Anxiety in Children and Teens" - A panel presentation led by social workers and psychologists from Brooke Glen Behavioral Hospital. Any child can be affected by mental health issues but students with learning and attention issues may be at an increased risk for developing psychological difficulties. Join us to learn more about the warning signs, what steps to take, and where to get support for your child. Resources and handouts will be provided. Katie Gleason, MS, Jeannie Kim, LSW, Patrick McElwaine, PsyD and Kevin O'Leary, PsyD are looking forward to answering your questions!

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SPEAC is a district wide organization. Our members represent children with special needs throughout all the schools within the Upper Dublin School District.


Our organization is comprised of committees that focus on specific areas.  If you are interested in starting a committee please contact us.


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We are parents who want to help ensure the needs of special education students are addressed in the District.

supporting special education in the Upper dublin school district since 2005

Sometimes we all need a little support! If you are new or experienced within the district and want to connect with another parent who has a child with similar needs to yours, we can help! 

We invite all parents and educators to visit our website.  If you have websites or resources you would like to share, please email us and we will consider adding your information to our site. 

The resources on this website,, are not intended as a recommendation, referral, or endorsement of any of the providers. SPEAC does not endorse any specific product, educational program, therapies, schools, service providers, practices of individuals, or websites. Information provided through this website is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended as a replacement for legal or medical advice. Outside links on the website are done so for informational purposes only. The Special Education Advisory Council of Upper Dublin is not responsible for the contents or accuracy of the materials linked to We encourage users to carefully review and evaluate all services and decide what is best to meet the needs of their families.

2015-2016“Special Education Annual Review with Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Deborah Wheeler" ­- Review of district accomplishments and discussion of plans for the upcoming year in special education.

The Special Education Advisory Council to the Upper Dublin School District is a non-profit parent organization.  We support learning for all students and seek to ensure the needs of special education students are continuously identified and effectively addressed so that these students are given the opportunity to participate fully in the general education classroom. We provide education, information, support and resources to parents, teachers, school administration, and the community to increase awareness of the needs of these students.

In addition to our monthly speaker series, we host family events and informal get togethers for an opportunity to meet each other and discuss current issues.

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